1776 Silver French Coin

Undoubtedly, the money that changed the world... When the American Army was struggling for supplies and the colonies just plain lacked the finances to support such a grand fight against the British Army, the French saw an opportunity to take a jab at their life-long enemies, the British. With the help of Benjamin Franklin, (literally living in France at the time), the French decided to join forces with the Americans, providing huge financial resources (that would later bankrupt them), and massive amounts of military support, on both land and bringing their grand French Navy to assist at sea.

Marquis de Lafayette, was a French naval commander, who became good friends with George Washington, and lended tremendous strategic aide to the Americans. And year later on would be given a grand tribute throughout the states, after his return to pay tribute to the Union, and his friend, President George Washington's tomb at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

In other words... If it wasn't for the French, the United States would absolutely NOT be what it is today, and American Independence probably would not have been achieved at the time.
The United States owes a great amount of gratitude to their life-long allies, France.