James J. Hill & JP Morgan crash the stock market...

It was 1901, Ned Harriman Chairman of Union Pacific, vs James J. Hill, President of the Great Northern Railway, (who was also backed by the banking tycoon JP Morgan), were trying to acquire all the Northern Pacific Railway stock they could each gain control first.

The stock market crashed, and it was the worst it had ever seen. Caused by these two parties, fortunes were lost.

At the end of the day, Northern Pacific stock soared up, while all others dropped.

Hill and Harriman decided to form a company together, and soon after, the government enforced the Sherman Anti-trust act, because these two had just formed a monopoly...

The building they owned in downtown St. Paul together for the multi-company merger, was forced to put a dividing wall right down the middle of it. The only access door to the other side was in James J. Hill's office.

Eventually, James J. Hill and JP Morgan were the winners in this battle.

A bit ruthless, and part business-genius, these tycoons were an elite group who basically controlled all of what went on in society back in the turn of the century around 1900.

Love em or hate em, they were successful in their businesses.