American Revolution

It was a time of the greatest firepower in the world, the British, leading the way through time. Forging the American Colonies into the eastern seaboard of the American country. George Washington was working for the British, as a leader in the French and Indian war. Even being known for killing a group of French who were camped out. The war had put a huge financial strain on Britain, and they were over-taxing the colonies to no end. Upset by this, and the treatment of the colonies as a "lesser status" rank in society, Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Adams, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and eventually George Washington and Alexander Hamilton eventually took it all into their own hands and started forming Articles of Confederation, Continental Congresses, and eventually war against Britain to kick them out of their colonies, so they could form, and lead, the United States of America. With the American Army ailing and not much hope of succeeding, the French, who were life-long enemies of the British, came to the aide of the Americans, and became the sole reason the Colonists won, by helping them succeed in fighting for that freedom. While many Colonialists were originally proud to be British, and worked diligently to make peace and compromising agreeements with their mother country, the British were ruled too tightly by a Monarchy, and belief, that America was there to serve them. And that just wasn't going to work for this group of radical American leaders who believed in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness...

1776 French Silver Coin

George Washington's guns

The money that changed America.

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Even a President needs a Flintlock pistol, or two.

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Continental Coin

Hamilton - Burr Pistols

Ben Franklin, designing money?

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The duel, and the death, of Alexander Hamilton,
shot by (Vice President & treasonist) Aaron Burr.

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Join General Washington

Key to Independence Hall

You've got nothing better to do, join the Continental Army, save America! Yeah, it was a pretty good cause.

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It's big, it's cool, and it's a stinkin key to where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

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