Ben Franklin designing money?

Maybe you've seen the movie "National Treasure". Talking about how the founding fathers left clues on dollar bills, like the all-seeing-eye.

Well, step back in time from this bill for a moment; Benjamin Franklin, as a young printer- printing money, printing news, printing whatever the heck he wanted to print! (We talk about political propoganda in a different section).

When the Continental Congress decided to violate all the British laws and become a separate nation, they also needed some money to go with it. And being on the inside loop of this big masterplan, Ben Franklin helped design the first run of money.

The "unified" circular pattern of states' names on the back was one of his sole contributions. Giving cause to the naming of the "United" States of America.

This neat old bill is ACTUALLY from the very first run of Continental dollars, in February 1776. You won't find anything earlier from American "unified" banknotes.
And it was all contributed from one of the greatest minds of all time; Benjamin Franklin.