Historic Newspapers

Newspapers were the lifeline of news traveling across the country, up to (actually), about 15 years ago... Yeah, we're not joking, for those of you youngsters reading this.
Benjamin Franklin was the pioneer of American newspaper manipulation. And boy did he do it good!
Others like Paul Revere and Samuel Adams crafted some pretty good (exaggerated) news to spread across the fronts as well. Propoganda is another section on here.

So here is a collection of historic newspapers from the French & Indian War, to the Revolutionary War, to the Founding of the Country, to the War of 1812, to the Civil War...
Original and fragile, these newspapers are great pieces of the historic timelines of the world.
Reading these gives you an idea of what society learned about and what information they were given on large-scale topics. Some, very important news, is very ironically hidden on the last pages of some of these, and in very odd places. Unlike today when we boast big headlines on the front page.