Samuel Adams (President John Adams' cousin) & Paul Revere - part of the "Sons of Liberty" rebel group. And Benjamin Franklin, one of the key founders of America- Were all great at stretching the truth a little...
Finding their way into the news industry; as Franklin was a printer, and Revere was a silversmith doing engravings for papers- they all had a keen sense of what the general public needed to see and read, in order to get them to follow suit a little better with the Colonists trying to separate from the Crown of England.
See, not everyone was supportive of the American Revolution cause. There were in fact, a majority stance that the colonies should remain governed by Britain. But it would only take a few key pieces of political propoganda printed in the newspapers across the eastern seaboard to change their minds. THIS, was one of them.

The Boston Massacre was basically a mob (mostly made up of the Sons of Liberty), and a handful of aggitated British soldiers. Taunting, frustrations, and tensions that grew, led to this battle in the streets of Boston. While the accounts of witnesses don't exactly match up, one thing is clear- regardless of what happened, THIS newspaper overrode all of that, as this is what the rest of America saw, as it fueled their anger towards Britain.